The farm

Located in the rural hill country of north central West Virginia, our 165+ acre farm offers a peaceful setting for your horse to graze and enjoy the company of herd mates. We practice rotational grazing, utilize proper fertilizer and mow several times a season to keep our pastures in good condition. Horses will often times share grazing space with sheep, goats and cattle so there are always other animals around for companionship. Many of our pastures are fed by year-round, free flowing springs. In fact, it is the same Appalachian spring water that we use in our distillery, Wicked Spirits Distilling Co. There is no city water on our farm!


Well maintained pastures.

Constant companionship.

Fresh, free flowing spring water.


The barns

All of our pastures and turn-out paddocks offer protection from the elements. Aside from natural protection such as heavily wooded areas, we provide run-in shelters in all paddocks and pastures. If stabling is necessary, we have two barns available with stalls of vary sizes. We are flexible and can meet varying needs such as dry lots, limited turn out, large stalls and hand walking.


Varied accommodations.

Stall board available.

Dry lots available for minis and founder horses.

Indoor turnout available.

Run-in shelters in all paddocks.