Basic pasture board

Your horse will enjoy the company of other horses while spending his days grazing on lush pasture, napping in the sun, and drinking from our fresh Appalachian springs. All pastures have access to run-in sheds and multiple shade trees, and afford your horse plenty of opportunity to keep fit and healthy by roaming at will. Grain is provided daily and trace minerals are available free choice. In the winter, our home grown hay is provided 24/7. Regular deworming is included. Blanketing can be provided throughout the winter at an additional charge. $225


24/7 access to forage.

24/7 access to fresh air.

24/7 access to friends.


full stall board

Your horse will be stabled in a one of our stalls complete with a comfortable stall mattress system. Daily turnout is provided with access to forage. Horses are fed and watered twice per day and stalls are cleaned daily. We will blanket your horse as needed, with the blanket you provide, at no charge. Regular deworming is included. $500


Daily turnout provided.

Feeding and watering twice per day.

Stalls cleaned daily.


additional services

We offer short-term rehabilitation boarding for horses needing a quiet, comfortable place to recover. Dry lots and minimal grass paddocks are available for miniature horses and horses that need restricted grazing. We can provide a quote tailored to the individual needs of your horse. We are available to provide individualized care and feeding for horses with heaves, poor dentition, or those prone to choke. Your horse will be fed soaked feeds and Chaffhaye. Please contact us for price quotes and availability of accommodations.


Daily care based on the specific needs of your horse.

Quiet setting.

Short term contract.